Vision statement

To see the Lord’s Table celebrated in the honorable atmosphere where God is glorified and people’s lives are touched through the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Mission statement

To contribute towards rhe celebration of the Holy communion through timely preparations of the bread and the wine and setting up the table for the service in a solemn atmosphere that promotes worship.


  • To recruit adequate number of dedicated ladies with their representation of age groups.
  • To have adequate number of people serving in specific services.
  • To strengthen fellowship among members through regular meetings, involvement in common activities that bond members together by ministering to one another as need arises.
  • To ensure that there are adequate receptacles for smooth ab d uninterrupted service.
  • To develop mechanism that will ensure adequate preparation and availability of members for communions.
  • Hold regular meetings between meetings those who prepare and those who serve Communion.

Colossians 3:2 whatever you do, work at it with your heart as working for the Lord and not for man. onJ

HOD Irene Mbuthia

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