Main Objective: To strengthen the family institution through effective ministry to married and single persons


  1. Develop and implement comprehensive marriage and family programs – family discipleship and mentorship to be core functions
  2. Increase participation of married couples in marriage enrichment programs e.g Married Coupes Care Groups (MCCGs) AHAVA, BUDDIES, CHARISMA, DAVID, FLOWER, GLORIOUS, HARMONY & MARITAL BLISS.
  3. Standardize premarital and post marital counselling programs and follow up the couples to ensure sustainable marriages
  4. Design and implement comprehensive programs for widowers, widows (PEARL), orphans, senior singles and other groups with special needs
  5. Design and implement a comprehensive parenting, teaching and training programs
  6. Develop an engaging and robust program for singles e.g. Young Professionals (YP)
  7. Enhance the prophetic voice of the church on emerging issues related to marriage and family matters
  8. Deliberately provide facilities e.g. crèches for new parents in CITAM Nakuru

HOD Elijah Kitinga

Contact 0722421153